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§1 General provisions


The following terms used in these rules shall have the following meaning:

1. TRAINING – an educational and training event organized within the framework of the ESA activity. This event is of a closed type – dedicated to a specific group of registered participants (hereinafter referred to as “Training”).

2. PARTICIPATION – payable opportunity for the training participation.

3. EVENT PARTICIPANT – a person who has performed the following actions:

  • qualification (clean criminal record, no mental issues)
  • registration,
  • payment,
  • confirmation of one’s presence on the training.

4. ORGANISE – European Security Academy Sp. z o. o. represented by ESA Representative – Switzerland

5. VALID TRAINING INFORMATION – the Organizer has notified that all current data concerning the event shall be available on the website euseca.ch.

6. LEGAL PROVISIONS – the provisions generally applicable in the Republic of Poland, including the provisions of signed arrangements, conventions and agreements.

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