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  • Carbine: AR-15, AK platform, AKSU-74, SHOTGUN
  • Pistol: GLOCK-19, GLOCK-17
  • Submachine: MP-5, APC-9. FX Simunition Conversion Kit.


  • 5,56 mm – 300 rds.
  • 7,62 nn – 200 rds.
  • 9 mm – 100 rds.
  • 9 mm FX – 100 rds.
  • 5,56 mm FX – 100 rds.


This course will be taught with use of classroom lectures and practical exercises.

Skill prerequisits

This Course requires earlier training and/or experience in the subject. Candidate should complete Combined Firearms Course.

Required gear

  • Tactical Belt.
  • Tactical/Outdoor boots.
  • Clothing appropriate for climate and conditions.


Impeccable reputation. Clean criminal record. No mental issues.


  • Overview of Global Terrorism
  • Threat assessment and risk analysis
  • Risk analysis and prevention
  • Advanced Firearms Training – Live Fire contact Drills
  • Under stress shooting drills
  • Activities in the urban areas Black Tactics/ CQB Combat and Hostage
  • Training in the use of firearms in the difficult circumstance – Laser/light/no light/NBC Mask
  • Training on the use of rope access techniques in action CQB
  • Inspection and detention of people in vehicles/shooting from Vehicle
  • MOE techniques of forcing obstacles/ Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures – Breaching Techniques
  • Emergency response hostage – resistance to interrogation (questioning, stress positions) part of SERE
  • Training in response to incidents of Active Shooter – Run/Hide/Fight
Course price includes accommodation, meals for the complete training & ESA-Equipment, incl. Certification. No travel-expenses are included.
Course info

The main target of this unique training is to prepare military / law enforcement individuals and security personnel.

The Counter Terror course will expose the participants to unique expertise, which was accumulated by our Instructors in the territory of counter-terror operations around the world. The total environmental conditions in our tactical training “Little Mogadishu” and Shooting Range is a Real Scenario and is most suitable for the simulation of counter-terror training.

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